Swimmim Hole

First time I ever saw a Toad in Phoenix. :shock:

36111 W Velazquez 7-23-09 039.JPG

36111 W Velazquez 7-23-09 018.JPG

36111 W Velazquez 7-23-09 042.JPG

36111 W Velazquez 7-23-09 038.JPG

We keep hearing about all the new green products on the market but this is a first!!!

Man-o-man…refreshing! :shock:

Nice pool, if you like Green:mrgreen:

Must have been vacationing. :wink:

Obviously doing their part to increase the oxygen in the atmosphere and create an animal sanctuary. Should be written up as a plus.

Elliemay’s ceeeeemnent pond?

Please tell me they were celebrating St. Paddy’s Day early :shock:

LOL, they dye the chicago river green on St. Paddy’s day, which IMO is a waste as it’s pretty green all the time. :shock::mrgreen:

Yep… grew up in Chicago… remember it well, at least until after the parade, then it all get’s kinda fuzzy!!! ;):smiley:

I really did not know that frogs could even blow bubbles. Thanks to NACHI members I now understand the truth …it’s no myth america. Frogs can blow bubbles.

Brian, Why did you call it a toad? Definitely a frog. Toads don’t like deep water.