swimming pool death

Another tragedy in Plantation over the weekend. We should all be reporting safety issues regarding pools.

That’s terrible, prayers to the family. This should be posted in miscellaneous section as awareness should be made beyond Florida.

What should be common sense, is to teach your child how to swim at an early age. Especially if you have a pool. Remember, here in Florida, we are surrounded by water.

Marshall learned how to survival swim at 9 months.

As cruel as it may sound, it is the parents fault for not teaching their child how to swim.

Cynthia is an a-hole. Apparently she feels adults are not allowed to sleep if there is a child in the house. News sources love to quote idiots.

A pool safety issue always goes in my report. The one I did Saturday had no child barrier. Really surprised code enforcement did not flag it earlier due to unsecure gates around the property and no pool cage. But hey that’s code enforcement. Could not find any permits for the work done either.

I know I cant take my eye off my 3 year old for a second. What a god awful tragedy. Like Eric said, the most important thing you can do is teach them to swim asap. Pat swims like a fish.