Swimming pools in Quebec

I do pools and spas as an ancillary inspection service. I completed InterNACHI pool spa certification course.
Shocking article.
This article is from 2010. Statistics show that Québec holds the highest rate of residential pool drownings in the country. All too often, the victims of these drownings are young children. Each tragic death that could have been prevented challenges us individually and collectively, along with the Quebec government, to instill change.
The new regulations aim to reduce the risk of drowning incidents in children by controlling access to such pools. It should be emphasized that these new standards apply only to future facilities. Pools installed before new regulations came into effect and those acquired before July 22, 2010, but settled before October 31, 2010, are not covered by the new laws.

Safe inspecting everyone.

Just make sure the electrical equipment is properly grounded on GFCI & if there is a light, the high voltage transformer connected properly.
A child is dead because a home inspector in my area missed it. :frowning_face:

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So sorry to hear of the unfortunate loss.
My condolences to family, friends and loved ones, Marc.

NO: 1. Luminaries and electrical equipment are always mentioned to clients along with physical boundaries.
Not only do love ones have to mourn their loved one, an ongoing inquiry/investigation ratchets up tensions as emotions take its toll.
Too bad.
So sad.
Our Father has a special place for these childern until they are reunited with family.