Switch at Water Heater?

This water heater has a dedicated circuit at the panel then I find this stupid throw switch installed inline with the water heater power cable. Besides being wrong, opinions?

Cute. One born every day. That switch & wire rated for 30 amps? LOL

Opinions?..Like Marcel said: “Theres one born every day”…Darwin daze. :flushed: :rofl:

A disconnecting means is required but this isn’t the code compliant way to provide one.

That’s a good opinion. Absolutely a ridiculous find. Kinda pissed me off.

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Ridiculous, but easy to fix, provided the wire is adequately sized.

I bet that’s OK in Ohio…



That’s a new one to me. I guess the original “installer?” (home owner?) thought it was a good idea since the water lines are poly and grounding out was an impossibility. :crazy_face:

Its not “OK”. Its just that no one can make you change it.
Amazing all the child-like behavior out off some of the ‘professional’ members here.

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"Darn, thought my kin folks had all been run out of North Carolina. Their statement would be "no one has been shocked, so what’s the problem? If you think that is bad, we see it as an improvement over what we had. We now have 'lectricity. Change does not come quickly up here.
As far as Ohio, Aunt Mary just got indoor plumbing (water only) back in the late 80’s. But her outhouse was built over a fresh water spring so they did not have to clean it, not a joke; Pleasantville Ohio, just down the road from Byesville.

30 miles away

and yet another way to thin the Herd…

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So I was right…according to you anyway.

If no one can enforce it and/or make you change it then it will remain until some gets hurt, or even killed.

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Technically a water tank does need a switch/disconnect if the breaker for it, aka the service panel is not “within sight” of the water tank. Obviously, though, this wiring job screams “wrong”! Most likely a 15 or 20 amp rated switch too. Naughty naughty Mr. Joe Homeowner.

Yes. Or unless some fixes it.

And he wonders why everyone thinks he stinks.

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I see that many times, well, not exactly done that way, in condominiums, usually where the snowbirds live.
They just shut the switch off before going up north.

What in the world? Huh?