Switch location requirement?

I came across a flourescent light in a closet but the switch could only be accessed by crawling 10’ to switch it.

Am I splitting hairs here by thinking that this is not readily accessible? Per 404.8(A)

As you can tell from the pictures, its a bonus room side closet. Long and narrow. Thanks!

Picture 074 (Small).jpg

You have the luxury of noting it as inconvenient, even though it is not illegal.

I’d like to see the midget who installed that one.

Thanks Greg!

This might apply:

210.70 Lighting Outlets Required. Lighting outlets shall
be installed where specified in 210.70(A), (B), and ©.
(A) Dwelling Units. In dwelling units, lighting outlets
shall be installed in accordance with 210.70(A)(1), (2), and
(3) Storage or Equipment Spaces. For attics, underfloor
spaces, utility rooms, and basements, at least one lighting
outlet containing a switch or controlled by a wall switch
shall be installed where these spaces are used for storage or
contain equipment requiring servicing. At least one point of
control shall be at the usual point of entry to these spaces.
The lighting outlet shall be provided at or near the equipment
requiring servicing.

I don’t really call 10 feet away “at” the usual point of entry.

This is a spec home and the builder offers all warranties on it. This storage closet switch will be a major pain in the a$$ for the 50+ year couple purchasing it. I cannot see them crawling down the alley to turn on the switch.

Just a side note, this is a high end home in a high price oceanfront community.

Marc, are you saying this is up for interpretation?

Sorta. I can’t see enough of the room to say if it’s an attic or utility room. If it’s simply a closet, then the copied code section does not apply. No light is required at all in a closet. The title of that paragraph is “storage and equipment spaces”, which you’d think would apply to all storage spaces. When you start to read it, the only applicable rooms are attics, basements, utility rooms, and underfloor spaces. If someone installs a light in a closet, there isn’t really anything that requires the light switch to be fun to operate. There is the general “readily accessible” requirement for all switches, and that has a definition:

Accessible, Readily (Readily Accessible). Capable of being
reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections
without requiring those to whom ready access is requisite
to climb over or remove obstacles or to resort to portable
ladders, and so forth.

That definition does not preclude a person from having to crawl. I do agree that the arrangement shown in your picture and further described in the accompanying text is pretty stupid set-up. I guess you could say that when the closet is loaded, the person would have to climb over or remove obstacles to get to the switch. Hard to make that argument when you’re faced with an empty closet, but I understand HI’s have the option of reporting based on how the home will be used and not how it appears at this very moment. The “…and so forth” at the end of the definition gives a person a lot of room to call lots of things not readily accessible, such as having to crawl to reach the switch.

I use these in two locations to avoid addtional wiring. Inexpensive fix.


                                                    **Description**                                                          Anywhere Switch/Plug-In RF Remote Decora Rocker Single-Pole Switch - White


Marc you got me, I forgot this was a storage area. In a regular room the switch can be anywhere. Sorry for the confusion.