Switched receptacles

I inspected a 2001 manafactured home today and in the living room-all the top plugs on every receptacle were on a switch located by the back door. (of course hidden behind the curtain, to really confuse me:) ) This doesn’t make much sense to me, Any ideas why every top plug (5 or 6)would be switched?

This is very common, although not as common for LR’s.
This is so there is a switched receptacle for a lamp anywhere in the room. There is also an always on receptacle.
This meets the code for a switched “lighting outlet” required in most habitable rooms.

That is the way I wired my living room, I can connect a table lamp anywhere and it will be switched.:slight_smile:

Many homes I see have no permanent lights installed in the living room and it is up to the home owner to supply wall or table lamps .
Walk into the room from either door and you can turn on the lights .
Roy Cooke

Hi to all,

There are very many locations where a fixed light fixture are not required and a switched lighting circuit supplying outlets is perfectly OK. to name just a few, they include bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, studies, family rooms etc.

The requirements for fixed luminaires is a shorter one including, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairways,entrance doors, and locations with mechanical equipment.

In my home the bedrooms, living room and dining room all have switched outlets rather than fixed lighting.



I like a combination of receptacles and overheads