I already know the answer to this, unfortunately, but what are your thoughts. Shouldn’t a flat BUR underneath a pitched solid decked metal roof be considered as SWR on the 1802?
How would you mark it?

I see no way to stretch the definition of SWR on the 1802 form to include this set up. Even if this could be considered SWR it is not installed on the main roof structure (pitched roof). I’d mark “No SWR”.

My thoughts are that it should be considered SWR, you and your clients can consider it an SWR, but for the purposes of the 1802 it does not meet the definition.

I know. It’s a shame. No discount here.

In most of the roof overs like that the old roof is penetrated at the perimeter of the home and not sealed back up.

No it does not fit the definition: “Self adhering polymer modified bitumen roofing underlayment applied directly to the sheathing…”