Sync between laptop and desktop

Can anyone give me some ideas on a better way to sync up my HG between my laptop and my desktop. What are your methods?

What are you trying to do?

I do my reports on a PDA and transfer to my laptop to add pictures and upload to HG. If you do your report on a laptop, don’t you upload it from your laptop? Why sync it to you desktop first?

I mostly use my desktop, But if I want to use my laptop if I need to do a report away from the office, I would like them to be in sync. Also if I am on the road or away from the office and would like to pull up a report I have done previously I would like to be able to do that as well.
I don’t use a pda or my phone to write the reports.
Basically I would like to access my information in either location and easily keep them both up to date with the changes I make in both the format of my report templates as well as the reports themselves.
Not to mention if one of my machine takes a siesta, I would like to be able to work off of the other until any issues get resolved.
As well as have a full backup of all my information and program.

Go here, read this…$20 plus the cost of an Easy transfer cable if you don’t have one…

I’ve used a thumb drive and simply copied the HG file from my laptop and saved to desktop. Go to HG’s website and click on the Support/Training tab and then select Software FAQ (item #8 under Setup and General Config). That should walk you through transfer, and back-up info is also there.

Oh, if you use the upload service, this is from a recent HG News Alert…

HG version 5 will include automatic restoration of your configuration for switching computers or when your computer croaks! With HG Services, a click will bring in your templates, buyers and agents, logos, print settings, report look, etc., and put them where they belong! You’ll be set without the hassle! HomeGauge Version 5 release date is set at the year’s end, if not sooner.

If you have a home network you can transfer the report or files between the computers. You can use a USB storage drive too.

I use SugarSynch works great for this too.

I have not tried it yet but does not Carbonite also work as well as Dropbox or Sugarsync?
My impression was that Carbonite auto syncs everything.(not true)?

Dropbox is very limited on storage but is great if you empty it after transfer.

Here’s another but I haven’t tried it.

**Allway Sync Features **

Not free Larry ($20) but you forced me to find one that is and has nothing but 4 star reviews.

I believe you looked at the PRO version for $20:

Allway Sync 11.5.0to install on PC
Free version
Compatible with Windows

Buy Pro

But your find sounds good…whatever works best…let us know.:slight_smile:

Yeah they have a limit and if you read the cnet reviews they say the interphase is a learning curve and there is a low limit before you pay the $20.

The Microsoft sync toy seems to have excellent reviews and is totally free which is strange for anything from them.:wink:

When my office was outside of my home I used log me
I left my office desktop on all the time and could log onto it from anywhere.

Hi Kenneth,
If you have uploaded your report to HG you can view it or access it at anytime from any computer. If you wanted to work on it some more, you can click on the “manual download” at the uploaded report and download it to your laptop and finish it and upload it again.

Hey Bob that was a good tip about sync toy. This might be of value to some out there I found it down the page > Mathematics

Thanks for reminding me about it as I have yet to try it out.
The one at bottom of the page> Mathematics says 1.4 version is no longer available so try 2.0.

I have been using Simple note for text only but want something better to sync other files with.
Going through my annual mid November lull.:slight_smile: