Synergy Marketing

Has anyone done business with Synergy Marketing?

Thanks for the responce back

My experience with them is i ordered from them and they said it would arrive in 14 days. 26 days later the order has still not arrived.

Note to self:

Probably not a good idea to use them again. :frowning:

Very rude… I think they go through our searchable websites and locate NACHI inspectors. I have had quite a few complaints about a Michael Browning rep that was very pushy and lying to inspectors over the phone telling them he was representing NACHI. I did call him direct last week to confront him and he told me he could say that because NACHI inspectors have ordered from him in the past.

I highly recommend to stay away from this company and hang up as soon as they tell you the name. Very pushy and how can you trust a company whose first line of the sales pitch is a lie?

SYNERGY nor MICHAEL BROWNING have no affiliation with NACHI so please try not to support bad business practices!!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

If you ever question whether a vendor is affiliated with NACHI, they will be listed in the NACHI mall or you can alsways call me direct at 303.502.6214

Thanks Lisa

There phone was busy so i faxed them a canselation.
Sorry I could not speak with you on the phone but inspections have been going crazy the last 2 months. I have been having to turn them away.
Thanks Again

I got a call from them first thing Monday morning. His call began with “I’m …with Syner…and we’re affiliated with NACHI”.

I told him that I wasn’t aware of any affiliation he had with NACHI, and who I was. Funny, he couldn’t hang the phone up fast enough.

Stay away from him, I have personally had a couple of complaints about his pushy sales pitch, and lack of performance.

Anyone know if he is actually Michael Napadow??? :shock:

Synergy Update
Last week the item i ordered finely showed up. (15 days late) and was shipped COD. I told the UPS guy no thanks and sent them back. I wont accept any thing COD and i told them that up front. i want to see the product first. I received a very very apologetic phone call today. Seams they don’t think they could find another company with my name and phone number to sell them to. They asked if i would accept them at 50% off. I said OK but at the terms we agreed on before. Ill let you know what happens in a week.

Well its 7/17/07 and the product has still not arrived. If you are in a hurry for marketing items I don’t really recommend this company. But its your choice.

Guess I’m lucky not to have heard of - or from - them, Hank!

Well they lost out on a $500.00 order. Pluss got some bad press on top of it

Another Synergy Update! Yesterday the product i ordered from them back in May showed up. They even had a $400.00 COD tag on it. These people are not too bright. It went back again.