System Grounding

I inspected a home yesterday and found all recepticals to be properly grounded but when I got to the panel I could not find a ground wire!

The panel had been upgraded.

The cold water pipe was right below it and I could see where a ground clamp had been.

I checked outside and there was no evidence of a ground rod or ground plate.
Service conduit went into the home under the driveway.

I advised the client and suggest an electrician to repair as necessary.

My question is:
Absent any visible ground wire how would the recepticals in the home show a ground?


yes if they used a bootleg ground .

“Grounding” of the circuits is not the same as “grounding” of the system.

Circuit-grounding is actually just a “bond” between the equipment and the service panel, whereas system-grounding is a physical connection of the service panel to earth. One has nothing really to do with the other.

When you are checking for circuit grounding, you are verifying the bond (via the equipment-grounding conductor) between the outlet and the service panel. This bond can be established regardless of whether or not the system has been “earthed” or “grounded to earth.”

Thanks Jeff
That answers my question completely:)


Thanks Roy

Also a possibility I am sure they will get an electrician to investigate and fix what needs to be fixed


What was the wiring method, AC cable?