T and P valve piping

Does the piping that extends to the floor need to be soldered? In the pic it shows the NEWLY installed T and P valve and piping…the coupler is NOT soldered…it is tight of course…but not soldered…shouldn’t it be? Seems to me that it can come off and then it wouldn’t be 6 inches from the floor anymore eh?

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Should be Tony…

You could braze it.:wink:

In a year I could :wink:

How did you do today Tony…Good?..I’ll bet so!..:smiley:

I wouldn’t sweat it (no pun intended). The pipe should never be “pressurized” so no real issue as I see it.

Tony…did you get any of the code check books?

NO to the code checks…but I am working on it.

AS for how I did…check my other posts Dale…and more to come I’m sure…I’m a bit worried…do you think I can talk the SE into letting me go with him as an interested 3rd party? (you will have to read my other posts to understand this)

I don’t see why not…why would he care.

You should find a retired or readily accessible engineer who you are able to call for things of this nature.

If you ever start doing Technical Inspections they are handy to have come to the property for about $150.00 (here anyway).

The engineer who works with me on Commercial Buildings is retired but still holds a current license and loves getting out to see things of this nature.

An engineered guess is a third disinterested party…when he is just working for basically the client.

His small report will keep you out of court…inexpensively.

what about the parts falling apart? threw normal bumps, or if the TPR pops open and then the part get blown off? i’d recoment securing it in some way shape or form. either solder with a wet rag behind it, or braze it, or maybe some sort of cemical compound? it doesn’t have to be water tight. i don’t know, but i’d like to be sure.

You could argue that point Jay, but you would be hard pressed to prove any requirement for securing the joint.

I would have checked it by hand to determine its integrity. If it came off easily, I would certainly note that it needed repair/correction.

That is how I realized it wasn’t soldered…I spun it in my hands :wink: I should have mentioned that in my initial post…sorry :frowning:

In that case, it’s certainly improper. I would have taken a picture with the lower portion removed.

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Googles robots will not know what a T and P valve piping is…won’t rank very high, page wise…:smiley:

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What did the realtor call you?

Just the fact that he called me to let me know the clients were upset after the inspection…

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