T-lock nailing schedule?

Does anyone have a link to a site showing the proper nailing schedule for t-lock shingles?

good site, imo
also sent you e-mail with other links


Great list, thanks Barry!


Pretty informative.
I’ve torn many off but never installed one so pretty interesting for me too.

so …I just noticed barry came up with the same site.

Are t-locks still being installed anywhere? Canada?


I spoke to my supplier , ABC roofing supply, today and he said tab locks have not been manufactured in years.

I work in Missouri and Kansas and we can’t get them here so it might be a regional thing(high wind areas) but I’m betting they’er not made at all anywhere.

I did a ton of roofing in my teens and twenties working mostly in Weston Mo. which is an Historic River town also known for McCormik distillery.
Anyway the point is I remember tearing off ALOT of tab locks but never installing any.So it is possible they were not made even then.That was 29 years ago.

Seems like I heard somewhere that they might still be installed in Canada, but the lack of information about them on the internet tells me probably not. Inspectors still will see them so I wanted to at least identify the proper nailing schedule. As far as how they can be installed improperly… I don’t know. Not going to devote a lot of course time to them.

Kenton, we see alot of those in WI, but mostly on barns. I have installed quite a few of those and the link Barry supplied is right on.

We could get T-Locs here (South Dakota) up to about three years ago. They stay on the roof nicely but are hard install compared to others.

Ditto here in Western Canada, I used some in 2000, my guess is the old stock has all been used up now. Yes they used to lay down nice, but then with age, they started to shrink and pull out at the lower tabs. :mad:

John Kogel

Just got an email from a client informing me that they had to replace the T-lock roof in order to get home insurance required by the mortgage company. They had to put up the cash upfront just to get in the house. The roof was steep…about 14/12…so it was still performing fine after many years but the insurance company insisted on a new one. I will be warning clients of this from now on.

There are a lot of t-locks in Denver still in good shape. When I was driving around taking course photos I saw a ton. Denver gets extreme thermal cycling, high winds, and hail.