T-Mobile Cell Service for NYers

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T-Mobile has a new program- Free Phone 3,000 anytime minutes per month for $ 49.99 per month- Only offered in the tri-state area.

If anyone is interested in getting a free T-Mobile phone and 3,000 minutes per month included for $ 49.95 monthly call us at 631-563-7720 and we will give you our school code for this discount offer. Others have said they are the same but this is the only program we have found was true. And the commitment is only for 1 yeaqr, not 2 years as others are mandating, with a free NOKIA phone.

Call and ask for Kathy at 631-563-7720 for a direct number- All we have to do is ask your name and return phone number. We forward your name and number to a T-MOBILE rep who calls you back and can even take the application over the phone. It's that simple- Again, only good for tri-state area and I know it works in new York/Long Island- I already have 3 since the offer surfaced- this way I don't have to worry about when are nights, weekends, etc. and it is more than an average person used per month- That is 50 hours per month included in the plan. Overage is at I believe 35 cents per minute- they even have larger plans-

Information provided by Merrell Institute
1461 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716 631-563-7720

We receive no commission at all. We are making the offer to our students and NACHI members to give them a value added benefit- No obligation, and we don't sell the phone- but are happy with the plan!