T.R.E.C. Scam Alert

Fraud Alert! - TREC has recently learned about a scam in which a person pretending to be an agency employee may call a licensee with a story about a problem with the licensee’s license status. The caller then offers to resolve the problem by asking for the licensee’s credit card number to make a payment by phone.

                            **DO NOT RESPOND** to requests from TREC asking you to provide personal information, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other identifying information. TREC does not accept any payments by phone and will never make such a request. Please remember to always carefully guard your personal data. If you receive a suspicious call from someone purporting to be from TREC, we recommend that you ask the caller for his or her name, then hang up, call TREC at the number on the website, and ask to be transferred to that person. 

If you have received a suspicious call involving TREC and gave out personal information or otherwise feel your security may have been compromised, please first file a report with your local police department and then notify TREC of the situation.


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Re: Backlash Against David Letterman
Please post the names and photos of your minor children so we can all
laugh and tell sexual jokes about them. Then tell us how it feels.