T-Stat codes ?

Anyone have a list of access codes to “unlock” T-Stats for testing during a “new home final” inspection? IE: Builder has locked T-Stat to keep temp within certain range so am unable to complete HVAC testing. Builder also not available during inspection.

There is bound to be a collection of access codes for each of the many T-Stats out there?

Anyone have anything?

Here is a manual for a Robertshaw (for heat pump) non-programmable

I am scratching my head??? are we talking a locked cover on the stat or a locked program within the stat;I don’t compute???

There are dip switches on the back of the stat. Instructions should be available.

We are not supposed to re-program electronic stats, so I just jump the stat at the unit.

Turn the fan switch to ON from AUTO.
Jump red to yellow for a/c, red to white for heat.
Red to yellow and orange for heat pump cooling.
Or, Red to yellow and blue if orange is not used (this configuration energizes the reversing valve for heating).

This is my “Code”. :slight_smile:

Tish Tish Tish Now David you are being a bad boy-:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

During new home construction the builder will usually have the T-Stats locked out so the trades can’t arbitrarily change mode/temp. There are generally bypass or common codes to get past the ‘lock-out’ so the units can be switched from heat to cool and adjust temperatures up/down.

Not sure that it is wise to use bypass jumpers, but may be worth a thought.

Actually, it is never wise to jump anything if you don’t know what your doing.
Charlie called me on that one! :-0

Call the contractor and have them unlock the stat!

Actually, the unit is still under the installers warranty and I really don’t care if I can’t test it. Just inspect the installation.
Many installing contractors get real pissed if you mess with their stuff! If it doesnt work on moving day or six months later when the weather changes, they are the one’s who will be called.

Honeywell T7200/7300 commercial thermostats:

  1. Press and hold Heat/Cool + up arrow + down arrow until numbers appears (you are now in the installer setup menu).
  2. Press Unoccupied Temp key repeatedly to scroll down to option 25
  3. Note value in right-hand number (1, 2, or 3), for later reset.
  4. Use up and down arrows to change value of right-hand number to 0
  5. Keyboard lockout is now disabled.
  6. Press “Run Program” to exit installer setup
  7. After testing, repeat steps 1-6 to reset lockout.

There are also test modes to turn heating and cooling on/off without changing other settings:


Don’t know if this any of this works with the newer Honeywell residential stats with lockouts.


Has a slot at the bottom in which you insert a “key” - I’ve been told (not tried it) that a paperclip or small thin bladed screwdriver will work.