T200/T250 Thoughts?

I have the ability to get ahold of a T200 or T250 locally, both in very good shape and price. Curious if anyone can chime in with an opinion about your thoughts of the T series or better yet if you have one and your thoughts. I currently have a low b-series I use for various inspection related uses and would like to get something nicer for electro-mechanical, commercial and building defects but from what I understand the T-Series cams are geared more towards industrial uses and do not have things like emissivity tables, dew point alarms etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The t200 has an emissivity table. It does not have a dew point alarm.
Send me a private on the cost, if you would like my opinion as to the value of a used T200.

The good thing about a T200 is that you can have it upgraded to a 240x320 detector - which turns it into a T360 w/ the exception that it will still have a 9hz refresh rate instead of a 30hz refresh.


You can do all that stuff outside of the camera.

If it does what you want to point it at, go for it.

I would not go for less than a T-360, but I don’t know about your investment cost.

The T series has a wider range which is needed for electrical needs.

The B Series is for low temp differential building applications.
The camera is is more sensitive in the lower temperature differential ranges so you can see minor changes in temp.

You can get B Cams programed for high temp ranges and some cameras can be upgraded for this after market ( at a substantial cost).

If you want a 320 x 240 Flir for that price, give me a call. Upgrades cost dearly! Not worth it in my book.

i have the t400 and it was the best thing i did getting the better unit, all 3 temp ranges as well, the dew and insulation alarms are just numbers and can be done with the t series, you just have to do it manually or the software will for sure reporter 8.