T400 FLIR: For Sale

Flir T 400 for sale
like new, firmware updated, dual bat charger, dual batteries, headset, cables,
hard case and belt case included with reporter 8 and Build IR software.
looking to get 14500.00 including all and shipped to your door.
email me or call

Your kidding right?

what ?

Bill, I think Linas is referring to this type of thing:

If he is asking too much just come out with it.
Why beat around the bush?

guess it’s sold so ya missed it
but ya can have this one for 13000,00 and you cover the shipping

where I bought it priced it ar 11k, but didnt want the software, i want to sell the software too, so 3.5k for what cost me 7k is fair as they are the current versions in both.


Personally, I have one working for me but good luck with your sale.

Don’t be a troll Bob.

Said the kettle to the pot.
Why did you even post here as it was nothing useful ?

What is he kidding about…please elaborate .

That’s the way I am Bob. Why are you being a troll?

Yes I agree you are a troll.
My comment was to Larry so what is your problem ?

Well lets not make this a long night so never mind as I have reports and little time for foolishness…have fun being who you are.

No beating around the bush…Bill and you both got it via the link.

You’re the troll, I made a comment and you weren’t happy with it. Learn to live with it. Have another drink Bob.

That software was expensive when it was released. It’s cheap now.

You need to stop putting stuff up your nose.
Your mind is racing and paranoid.

I can tell you that imager did not sell for $10K either.

However, a seller can ask whatever price they wish for their goods. Buyer’s for used equipment may be hard to come by at much over 50-60% of current retail though. I don’t think there is much market at all for second hand IR software and resale may not even be covered by the license (read the software license carefully) if it has ever been activated.

When’s the last time you had a little nip?:stuck_out_tongue:

Linas the way you accuse many members of drinking leads us all to suspect you need some kind of intervention.
Please seek help.
The list of your vicious and malicious comments is growing to the point where
we are worried.

Obviously this is a carry over from the thread where you are attacking other members in the private section and the dopes who are spared your attacks think it is funny till you turn your focus on them.
not sure who is more hopeless as you are who you are.

Have a good night as I will not be responding to anymore of your childlike low IQ comments.

Will wipe out this post once you have read it .

I understand Bob. Didn’t those AA meetings work for you?.