Tablet screen keyboard

Those of you using tablet PCs know that Microsoft has a popup keyboard to tap text into or you can try and use the handwriting recognition. I’ve never been happy with any of these options.

There is a little utility program called Fitaly 4 for the tablet PC and Pocket PC that is a very different arrangement of a popup keyboard and with practice is very fast. Note the “with practice” part. It is different and does have a learning curve but they’ve documented 50 WPM with it. It’s optimized for minimum pen movement as you are tapping in text. It has a free trial and costs $49.

Thanks Ron, slide feature looks great. I’ll give it a whirl!

I would recommend using “PenOffice” instead of what Microsoft installs for handwriting software. It is much better in my opinion.

Heres a free re sizable one, I use because I hated the small microsoft one. Works for me. Ill have to check the other ones out too!