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Hi Mark, found your post very interesting. Where did you buy the toughbook at that price.

I wish that I could say that I got mine for that price, but I paid $325.00 for mine. Send me a email and i will try to help you out on your question.

I went to EBAY and found that item…looks interesting.

There you go Tony, now you are learning. :smiley:

Here is some information that has been requested.

Pretty much any angle. Once in a great while when you are in the sun, it can get hard to read. Your excel program will work very well.

I bought it from a Boston Univ. Prof. He left everything on it that he had loaded instead of formatting and restoring it to the org. settings. it has the restore disk with it. Laptop case, and ac adapter. I use a external usb cd-rw with it to burn cds on site. The cd does not go with it. But they are very easy to find and at a great price. I will more than likely format it and reload the system, unless the person who buy it, wants me to leave all of the programs loaded. The reason I say that, is when you start it up, you get a couple of warning messages of not finding certain programs that he had to delete out. These do not cause any problems with the operation of the tablet. He has a alot of great programs, IE Microsoft office, adobe photo shop to name a few. There are some minor scratches on the bottom of it. This by no means take away from it. The screen is clean with no bad pixels or scratches. I have been thinking about just hanging onto it for a backup, but if some one wants it for the my asking price of $ 599.00 it is theirs. You can not buy even a used Compaq tablet on the net for under $800.00.
Here are the specs that I found;
What’s New
<LI class=bodycopy>Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition
<LI class=bodycopy_bl_plain>Tablet PC form factor with pen and keyboard support
<LI class=bodycopy_bl_plain>Innovative mobile keyboard

  • Innovative docking station
    At A Glance
    <LI class=bodycopy>Weighs 3.0 lb (1.36 kg)
    <LI class=bodycopy>Less than 1 in/ thin
    <LI class=bodycopy>10.4-inch XGA TFT display
    <LI class=bodycopy>Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
    <LI class=bodycopy>256-MB SDRAM upgradeable to 768 MB
    <LI class=bodycopy>30-GB User removable hard drive
    <LI class=bodycopy>Integrated mini PCI 56K V.90 modem plus 10/100 NIC
  • Internal Wireless LAN
    What’s Special
    <LI class=bodycopy>Use either pen or mobile keyboard
    <LI class=bodycopy>Ultra-light weight – 3.0 lb (1.36 kg)
    <LI class=bodycopy>Innovative keyboard attachment
    <LI class=bodycopy>Docking with or without keyboard
    <LI class=bodycopy>Easy transitions with multi-monitor docking profiles
    *]Magnesium alloy case

                                                    This looked fun but the keyboard is very small.

Brian, in answer to your original question -

I am got a Toshiba Portege tablet PC when I first started and LOVE it! The last one died tragically after years of faithful service and having the hell beat out of it.

I got the new one on eBay for $650 and it works great. It is fast and has plenty of memory (40GB), plus an SD port that I can use to incorporate pix from my camera with out cables, etc.

I would be lost without my SD port on my laptop.

However, recently I learned you can buy a USB adapter for the SD cards so you can read them on your regular computer. That’s on my list. :slight_smile:

I never understood this whole SD card reader thing…

I plug my camera into the usb port and “walla”…takes me straight to the pictures…

Whats the big deal…am I missing something???

Tony Tony Tony, you are always missing something.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you plug your card right into the 'puter, it saves the battery life of your camera. And you do not jack around with the cords.:smiley:

And WTF is a “regular computer” Wendy???

I don’t worry about the darn batteries I guess…

I use energizer rechargeables…I just recharge them…and the cord is always plugged into that port of my computer and hanging out waiting for me to plug in anyway…

BTW…I gave you some points earlier BK…

Good I need all the points I can get Tony.:twisted:
I also use 15 minute rechargeables and have an inverter in the 4runner.

yup. It’s just faster and easier.

Poor choice of words.

My desktop as opposed to my laptop.

No way it could be faster…I just don’t believe it…sorry.

It is faster just not dealing with the cord, then it is also faster by not going through the cord. Seconds, but they add up.

When you take 8 hours writing the report every second counts, dont cha know.:wink:

LMAO…even my first report didn’t take that long…

Besides I’m all about multi tasking…in the 10 extra seconds it takes for my pictures to travel up the cord into the computer…I pop another beer.


I plug my camera into a USB port to save wear and tear on the connections in the camera itself, but I need the SD Reader card, not usb, to upload my reprots from my IPAQ, I also need it to upload my “Libraries” from my desktop to my IPAQ SD Card, that take two hours or so, it would be more like 3 or more if I used a USB SD Reader.

My SD card stores well over 1500 pix, and simply by popping it intot the side of the tablet, I eliminate the need for cables, or using up a USB port. I hate cables and cords and if it involves no wires, is easy to use, and won’t drain my camera battery - sign me up!!!

It also allows me to downsload music from teh tablet to the SB, plug itno my iPaq and expand my MP3 collection!

BK, I haven’t tried the 800 model, but I’ve had the loan of a Motion 1600 (the big brother there at the Expo) for a month or so, & I’m really enjoying it.