tainted or not

Can any tell from these pictures if the coils shown would indicate chineese drywall.

Might be a candidate for toxic rock. Questions: was it built between 2004-2006? Are the metal light fixtures pitted? Did you remove a cover plate on a light switch in different rooms? Is there an odor (rotten eggs) in the residence? Does it have public or private (well) potable water service?

looks like someone cleaned it with bleach and didn’t rinse

NO, nobody can tell. Not to be nasty. There is no way anyone with half a brain could advise based on this info or would, disregard any advise from anyone who does.

Looks perfectly normal from Arizona…:smiley:

Looks ok but Brian is right!

Brian is correct-----you may want to check that place for IAQ, that return air plenum looks like it might have some present or past water intrusion issues :wink: