Take a close look

Take a close look at this trap please…anything out of whack? :roll:

Bet that trap never dries up. :slight_smile:

Wonder how often it clogs?

I used to have one of those, but you just can’t get the sheet music for them now :wink:



Hey that’s about 8 inches to the weir. I bet it seals really, really well. Extra points for creative use of fittings in ways the designers never dreamed of and a triple word score for using three waste arms on a single drain. Was the seller an engineer?

Was it high enough so that water stands in the disposer too?

Of course it’s going to seal well… it holds about two gallons!!

‘Q’ trap.

Another roller coaster installation. Excellent plumbing work.

That install reminds me of this waste pipe sending washer waste water up hill and then the sink waste water helps to keep the trap full at all times…

What the hell are these people smoking?