Take a closer look

This is why home inspectors should look closely at the service entrance at the weather heads. Hard to see but the conductor is cracked and exposed copper is about to touch the metal top of weather head.

Picture 006.jpg

Been preaching that practice for years fella…:)…why I harp on GETTING the up that mast and taking a look see…:slight_smile:

Ya, but some will say that an inspector has no business that close to it, I have head it before, but it is a necessity.

lol…yeah you told me at the seminar…BUT again look at em and say…bite me…my cam has ZOOM…and I ZOOMED it…:slight_smile:

Hey, as long as you’re not jamming your ladder in it, or touching it, look all you want. Good catch. I generally get emergency calls for these shorted out weatherheads during June and July. That’s about the time that housepainters are bumping them to paint the house, and the sparks are flying. That sorta gets people excited.

Yeah, but Paul, that means the inspector would have to get up on the roof. OH NO, me bad - just started that old debate again.:slight_smile:

In this area it is the Fall with the kids throwing Footballs in the street and hitting the wires.

I would’ve missed it, for sure. But I may not next time. Thanks.

nahhh…lol…a good " Little Giant" or " Werner " will put you up close enough to view them in most cases…:slight_smile: