Take a ride on the short bus...

…and quietly listen as home inspectors who actually and honestly believe that they are competent enough to lead you remark upon your abilities.

Some of these dweebs are actually contracted by ITA as teachers of their courses.

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[FONT=Book Antiqua]I especially liked this quote from :|.)Chad Fabry :|.) [/FONT]
“****[FONT=Verdana]The national institute for ASE (automotive service excellence) is the independent competency standards organization. Like the NHIE and ICC, ASHI and NAHI, it’s a not for profit venture with some very highly paid principals and CEO’s.” [/FONT]

So according to this idiot ………. The NHIE, ASHI, NAHI, and the ICC has some “very highly paid principals" so that is supposed to make them good?
Just because Mallory and her gang at NAHI get paid well does not mean that they are competent, ethical, or should be allowed to set the standards for the entire industry.
I for one am happy to see that this ASTM debacle came to an end.

[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial] It is common to hear those who have done little to speak against those who have done more than them. To see such a broad base of the HI industry reject the NAHI ploy that started the ASTM meeting is refreshing. To pick out Mr Gromicko as the object of ridicule reveals the dormant jealousy that poisons the minds of the little people who live only to mock others who have accomplished more than them. Mr Gromicko has helped thousands of home inspectors and has my respect. The ASTM SoP died a natural death, destined from it’s shady origins.[/FONT]

While having an ASTM standard may be good for Business and the Consumer, it is clearly not in the interest of major HI Organizations.

ASHI and NACHI were against the ASTM standard as it runs concurrent to the principal interests of Home Inspection Organization developmental concerns.

ASHI Members / Chapters dominated the meeting to assure defeat of the measure.

Dependent upon your perspective, this was not a win-win.

I think the big problem was that ASTM only realized too late in the game that NACHI wasn’t just one association… it is essentially a portion of a huge conglomerate www.nachi.org/success.htm that weilds much control (direct and indirect) throughout the entire inspection industry. We have our fingers in everything.

I will give them credit for catching on eventually, at one point admitting that even if the vote passed, doing it without the conglomerate’s support would be close to impossible anyway.

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I suggested a quiet ride on the short bus. Mike O’Handjob, the elder of the idiot savants that frequent his message board, heavily moderates it in favor of anything that opposes NACHI. Trying to have a discussion pertaining to fact under the heavy editing is a waste of time.

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Is that like a long walk on a short pier.