Take InterNACHI's new free online "Home Inspection Business Course"

Take InterNACHI’s new free online “Home Inspection Business Course” at www.nachi.org/become-home-inspector-business-course-101.htm

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We learn about agreements (or contracts) in the course.

You know that you should have your agreements in writing. That’s good. But you may have no idea about how to write the agreements that you’ll need in your home inspection business. Unfortunately, there’s no centralized place where an inspector can go to find state-specific information about special contract laws. You might want to talk to other inspectors, do research in a library or online, or hire a lawyer who’s familiar with small business issues and already works with home inspectors.

InterNACHI’s online agreement system has standardized contractual templates for you to use in your home inspection business. The templates were developed by InterNACHI’s Legal Counsel Mark Cohen. They are free to use by members of InterNACHI. The agreements can be customized to fit your needs. Clauses can be written, added, edited, and removed.

For more information about InterNACHI’s online agreement system, visit http://www.nachi.org/onlineagreement.htm