Take this inspector vision test.


When they all move, does that mean we can’t drive?

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

I have only had six drinks and they are still moving, I think I will try a couple more drinks and check it again.

I just threw up all over my keyboard. Thanks, Nick.

OK Did I pass the vision test? They are[all] moving!!

I’m getting another Beer…

Mmmm. Duff’s and Donuts. Add a little LSD* and Nick’s vision test will be the hit of the party. :shock: :shock: :shock:

*Never have. Never will.

  • NACHI members see it moving slightly but complain the test is too easy.
  • ASHI members see it moving slightly but will only take the test if it is clear that it isn’t going to become ASHI’s first ever entrance requirement.
  • CREIA members only see the left side of it.
  • IAC2 members blame it on the effects of mold and radon.
  • CAHPI members want to know if the test is government recognized and can they charge NACHI members double to take it.
  • CMIs are checking the background out.
  • ASTM will author a moving image standard if we all agree to pay them every time we look at it.
  • FABI members blame the movement on hurricanes.
    *]Scumbag NAHI members don’t see it at all… they’re too busy offering bribes to agents to recommend that we hire their *brother in laws *who just so happen to be in the business of fixing moving images.

Joe Farsetta insists that moving images fall under his Professional Development Committee.


??? about post #8 or #9?

What the hell happen to my Realtor Education Class??? Actually nick, I have promised it severaly time to my brokers, and ???. I told you 18 months ago, and we still dont have it here in CALI. But your friend over at CREIA is doing it. CMON… I told you who he is…He BASHES NACHI and gets away with it. He did it during the ITA convention while doing a class. Whats funny is that he got messed up during last years convention about a recording that he didnd agree with. You Know who I am talking about…Lets Do This…

You are off topic, however we applied for real estate licening CE in all 50 states for http://www.nachi.org/whateveryagentneedstoknowaboutinspections2006.htm I don’t think it will help you much as the above only indirectly promotes NACHI, and does not directly promote individual members. Your best bet to promote yourself is to form a chapter www.nachi.org/form.htm and get a real estate related speaker (like an invester club officer or someone) to speak at your first meeting. Then send out a formal written invitation to all the local REALTORs in your market area. Most won’t come, but the invitation showing you as their local inspector association President is a heck of a marketing piece.