Taking CPI 1st year required courses before exam/affadavit?

I’ve completed the SOP and COE courses, and still need to pass the exam and submit mock inspections. If I were to start the 1st year courses before taking the exam/signing the affidavit, would I need to retake those courses after passing the exam/signing the affidavit? I’m going to do mock inspections on my parents’ and in-laws’ houses while I’m there for Christmas, but would like to knock out a few more required courses before then.

If I understand you correctly, I don’t believe you would have to but you can verify that question to Ben Gromicko at Ben@internachi.org

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No you would not. Once you take the first years courses you do not need to take it again.

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I took several of the first year courses before taking the exam, and it helps. If you take the exam early on, you can find your weaknesses and strengths. This will help you decide what order to take those classes in. Once you get credit for any class retaking them is not required.

Like others said it’s not required. I did all my 1st year courses before passing the exam.

Just a thought, but Every course I’ve take during my lifetime, at Any school, classroom or online, other than InterNACHI, it was Always courses first with exams that followed.

Hi John. This is Rod Pentreath. I was in a similar position as you were, and being from South Africa, several courses were required as additional. I did the CPI exam and failed at 66%. I started doing the prep exam and some other courses to try and get more familiar with the various topics covered in the Exam. My second attempt at the exam gave me a 79% pass. I looked at the individual area reported by the Exam and looked at the relative scores. What I found was there were areas that I was very lacking in knowledge. So I have done nearly all the downline courses and will do the Exam again next week. One hell of a lot of work packed into about 2 weeks. Now I feel far more competent to do the Exam again and pass. Whatever you do good luck it is a brand new voyage that I am on.

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Welcome John, I took the exam first and passed then I did the required courses. But it depends on your previous knowledge and experience. If I had no prior knowledge I would have taken the courses first. You might also consider taking the exam first to see where you are with each section. Good Luck! :grinning:

Thanks for all of the feedback! I’m a mechanical engineer, so I’m feeling decent about everything but electrical haha

Hi This is Rod from Cape Town South Africa. I did exactly what you suggest. Exam, looked at the weak area and then did the courses. I still am getting towards the 80%, my best to date is 79%


Go back and revisit the courses and quizzes and study until you can get a score into the 90s, that is all you can do, keep going over the courses. The questions you see in the quizzes will be in the exam. :grinning: :+1: @rpentreath O, And by the way, Good morning Rod, Have a good day. It is 1 AM where I am, :last_quarter_moon_with_face: and it is 8 AM where you are. :sun_with_face:


Keep studying you’ll get there

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Thanks Scott did my exam today and passed so lots of joy here I followed your advice and agree totally. Rod Pentreath NACHI20101313 CPI®


You are very welcome Rod, I am glad that I could help, you have a great day and keep at it. :+1:

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This is what I was waiting for


Good to see, Congratulations, Rod :+1: :grinning:

Congratulations on the CPI, Rod!

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Congrats, Rod! :smile: