Taking Grand kids to Washington

The wife and I are taking 2 grand kids to Washington DC,. We were originally going to stay in a hotel 10-20 miles away from downtown, we’re driving from Atlanta area. We figured we might save some money by staying away from downtown in a nice 'burb" of DC. Now I’m thinking that maybe we could rent a small condo or townhouse for a week, with a kitchen and a little more room. We wanted to have a kitchen so that we could buy some groceries and save some cash on food and junk. Anyone here from the DC area have any advice. Safe neighborhoods, areas, recommendations, etc. Thanks in advance.

Not from the DC area, I’ve got a couple for you from taking my 7 & 10 year old grandsons to DC last summer.

Stay away from the “International Spy Museum” with them. Very little hands on stuff. Just a lot of pictures and reading for too much money. Note: I really liked it, alot. They hated it. Too much reading and picture looking, not enough hands on stuff.

Plan a whole morning or afternoon at the National Air & Space Museum. LOTS & LOTS of hands on stuff that kids like. I screwed this up so I could get them to the Spy Museum. WRONG! Had to go back.

Walk the Mall but beware, it’s longer than you think. Wear comfortable walking shoes or just pay for the pedicab rides. Kids love it, and so did my feet.

Get your monument pictures with the kids but it won’t mean much to them. Does to me though and will them later on.

Get em a subway ride.

Get as close to downtown as you can. Traffic sucks, parking sucks, and even the subway takes quite a bit of time.

Carry a map with the points of interest on it so you can find stuff. Better yet an internet capable phone with GPS on it.

Have a great time. Take the time to make some memories. You’ll never regret it.

That’s all I got.


Thanks Erby,
The boys are both 12 and they of course love “hands on” stuff. We’re staying for 5 days so we had planned a lot of time for the Smithsonian. My wife’s cousin is a high ranking official at the Pentagon, so we’re hoping for a tour or something there. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe I can book an inspection to deter some of the cost. Ha ha.

Charles, if you are going in May or later seriously consider the Marine Evening Parade at Marine Barracks 8th & I, SE or even the Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial. Guaranteed to impress! There is so much to do in DC it’s amazing.