Taking the exam

Good evening all. So after many months and hundreds of hours of studying I’m finally taking the FL exam on Wed. Can anyone that has taken it please give me any advice on what I should laser focus on to review in the days before?

Thank you!

William, I am not familiar with the FL exam. But, if it is like the NHIE exam, there will be more than one right answer. Choose the best answer.

Go through the exam and pass over (but mark) questions that you are not sure of. Later in the exam another question may help you answer that one you passed over.

Good luck! :smile:


Do not “CRAM” the day before. If you don’t know the info, cramming will not help you one iota.
What will help is taking the exam with a well rested and clear mind!
Good luck.


Good luck. I can’t help because I haven’t taken it but hope to within a year. Just be confident and crush it. I’m also in Florida so would love to hear your feedback.

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Best of luck. Take your time, read the questions carefully.

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Which exam are you taking? If it is the FABI than email me and I may be able to help.

Hi William. It’s the InterNachi FL exam. Thanks.

Thanks all for the advice.

Take their practice exam over and over until you hit 85% or more and you’ll be ready…

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Thank you.

Well said Larry. My wife is a teacher and she recommends to all her students the same advice.

Thank you, Kirk. :smile:

Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys. I passed with a 92 thank God.

Fantastic! Good job.

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