Taking the National exam

I took the National exam for the first time today and passed! I was not confident going in at all, but I had been putting it off for a long time so I just scheduled it. It was a lot more code-ish than I thought it would be. And seemed like the questions were aimed at trying to make you confused rather than knowing the right answer. But either way I passed and am done with it… and it’s such a huge weight off my shoulders. I’ve searched this site all about this test and the main question has been what study materials should I use or how do I study for it.

Here’s my take. I went through class at AHIT which was good. It could of been better for me if I got through the online materials(signed up a little late) before I went to the week long class. I was in over my head and didn’t really understand the things we were going over. But I did get to do 5 inspections with a really good inspector.
With that class I received the NHIE home inspection Manuel. It was harder to get through than the AHIT material and the Nachi material but it’s who puts on the test so I dove into that book a little more than the rest leading up to the test. There is no secret formula to this test though.

The questions that tripped me up were the ones that had 4 similar answers. Or 3 answers that seemed correct and had to determine the Best one…

I also tried CompuCram and thought that was pretty worthless. Very random and not helpful IMO.

After re reading this, i feel like I just spit out random things. But if it helps anyone Then all good!! Good luck to anyone taking the Exam soon! The feeling of seeing the PASS is well worth the stress of studying for it!!

Congratulations on passing the exam Jeremy!

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Congratulation, Jeremy!

This will help people taking the test, to most:

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Congrats! :wink:

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Congrats. I am looking to take the test as soon as possible but am not very confident either. i know there is alot to learn so i was very unsure of what i NEEDED to know immediately. i will be taking as many courses as possible to gain the confidence.