Taking Thermal To a whole new Level

Have any of you thought of taking your thermal business beyond housing, electrical panels and roofs?

I took the level one, was blown away by the applications and really want to take it to a whole new level.

I would love to focus on animals, but I don’t have a vet background so I’m very hesitant. A woman started a company called agricam in Europe that creates a automatic scanning solution for dairy farms and seems to be doing well.

Do you guys/girls stick to residential and commercial applications because of your background in HI or is it because there really isn’t oppertunity at the moment to focus on these niche markets like bovine thermography.

I’d also like to know if any of you do your own calibrations. At the price they charge for repairs and calibrations, there’s lots of money to be maid in rentals and repairs I would assume.

I guess I’m just trying to wrap my head around the entire industry to c what would make me happy.

Thanks in advance guys.

I have raised horses for over 35 years lots of horses and understand the anatomy of the horse very well. I use IR on my own horses but never was able to convince the local vets of any benefit of the IR .

There is a group of thermographers that hang out here that have taken IR into the commercial world and have extended our training above a standard home inspection

Some are trying it with boobs!


The real growing sector, from what I have seen, in IR is datacenters and semi conductors.

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If it has a temperature differential, we scan it…!

I have conducted every application there is…

… even boobs.

I recommend you stick with what you know till you become a master thermographer, then you will fully understand thermography and the subject application no longer matters.

Meaning; you understand thermal imaging to a point that you know what works and what will not. Then how to make it so it will work, and what equipment to use.

Is there a course I can take that would show me how to repair/calibrate the cameras?

I’m thinking of creating an all out thermal company (rentals, repairs, inspections)

Im worried as the industry grows, the camera technology will advance to the point where thermographers will become obsolete in a residential and possibly in industrial/commercial applications.

I figure if thermal cameras become mainstream, good money can be made in servicing/rentals.

I put up an ad on Craigslist for thermal rental to c what demand would be like, I get 5-7 inquiries a week, so there seems to be a demand for rentals in my local area.

Careful there, you might be treading on someone’s trademark phrase and logo… I’m surprised that we haven’t already seen a Certified Master Thermographer marketing program here. To be administered by mr self-certified hisself:mrgreen:

Exactly what level one course did you take?

Do you have any idea what it takes to calibrate a thermal imaging camera?

I somehow don’t think so.

David I took a flir course through work.

Have you ever scanned wind or solar farms? That seems like it could be a great niche.

I’m aware calibration isn’t simple, that’s why I thought there would be a course specifically for maintenance and repair.

Lots of people scan solar panels and wind farms. Do a google search and you will find tremendous amount of info.

Setting calibration for a thermal imager requires a highly controlled lab environment with multiple black body simulators and equipment capable of reading output levels of the individual sensors in the array. Finally you need to assemble algorithms / tables to feed into the camera engine to normalize the varied output of the sensors under varying levels of exposure to incident radiation and record that to the camera ROM.

Of course all of this is unique by manufacturer and highly proprietary which is why it is done by the manufacturer.