Talented Pets?

Anyone have talented pets, i.e. dogs, cats, etc. that do “unusual” things?

When he was a puppy, our dog Rusty started howling at music from the TV,
and when we egged him on, he later continued this hoopla
to a lot of differing music interludes…
we continue to get a laugh out of this, every time he sounds off…

I had one hell of a Great yellow Lab named Sam short for Samantha.

Went to Canada with me about 11 or 12 years and I do not think she ever did not find the birds we dropped in her last 8 years or so. She even found wounded ones we did not shoot. She would work for up to about 4 of us at a time. If someone was several hundred yards away and could not find a bird they would get on the radio and call for her. I would tell them to yell and she would find them then the bird. The dog would even bring the birds back to the hay-bale or whatever we were hiding in or behind and put it in the pile.

My current 2 year old chocolate has great potential but I do not have the time or money to go to Canada for 10 to 12 days a year like we used to. Hunting was the best training. She has hunted down down here since about 9 weeks old but there just are not enough opportunities to go in South Florida and we did not even get drawn for permits this year :frowning: We may try a Dove hunt Dec 29 if it seems there will be birds there. Sam always seemed pissed when I sent her after tiny dry little birds but always did it. I SURE MISS THAT DOG :frowning: and the times we had. My Dad, Sam and I sure had a great run together.

Those sound like some great times, Michael…happy for you that you had the opportunity to experience that. :slight_smile:

I had a great run with a bunch of great friends :slight_smile:

Unfortunately many of the folks and all of the dogs from that era are gone :frowning:

One thing about living life to the fullest when you have the money to do so you will always have the memories and they are absolutely priceless :slight_smile: I’ve got some great pictures too.

I had a three legged black lab about 25 years ago. She had gotten run over by an ag tractor, when she was 6 weeks old, driven by the people that raised labs. Anyway, the vet that I knew didn’t want to put her down like the breeders wanted her to so she said that she would remove the damaged leg if I wanted to have her. So, She did and I took her. She lived for 17 years.

My dog went everywhere with me and on this one particular job it was getting late at nigh in the summer and she wasn’t coming when I called her…which never happened before. I was working at a buddy’s home who loved animals and contemplated leaving and getting her when I came back to work in the morning.

Well, I called her some more while I was visiting and just had started up my step van when I looked down and saw her sitting at my sliding door waiting to get into the van. I was very happy to see her but then realized that she was dragging about 3 feet of chain and a 2 foot stake with a trap snapped onto her right front leg. (She had no left rear from the knee down.)

It was the sort of trap that didn’t have teeth, thank god, and she had some hair worn off but no broken skin or bones. She was so happy to see me still there and to get that damn thing off of her that she just licked me up one side and down the other and jumped up into the truck and onto the bed I had for her under the lower shelves…and was ready for another adventure. Man, I was happy she was okay.

That dog had the heart of a lion and I miss her to this day.

Dogs always seem to get a special place in our hearts. It is always hard to lose them as Sam died in my arms but it as always best to get another because it is damn hard to be sad with a bouncing puppy full of energy around :slight_smile:

May 10th we had to put down Mollie the best rabbit beagle I ever had .
We have had 6 beagles over the years.

Our decision no more dogs for us .
Well on June 10th we got a new Mollie born April 6 th .
She is the smallest we have had and it looks like we again have a great rabbit dog .
We have had great luck with all our beagles . Here she is June 16th

Congrats and enjoy. Please post picts for us all to enjoy :slight_smile: