Talked Myself out of the Inspection

Lady called and needed a HI in central Phoenix (1950’s, slab, masonry block, Transite vent pipe, galvanized water, 100 amp service or less, etc). I book it for this Sat. I always ask if they have seen or been in the home and do you have any special concerns (if they ask a lot of weird questions I am booked;) ) about the home. She told me that the room/addition at the back of the house piqued her interest. I told here it more than likely did not get built with a permit as many homes in that neighborhood have had the patio converted into living space (Arizona Room) and she could call the city and check. I spoke with her Realtor later that same day and asked about the slab in the questionable room, specifically if there was a step down into the room. Realtor said yes there was a step into the room, I told her it was a sign of unpermitted construction.

Lady just called and canceled the HI as per the city’s records this was an unpermitted addition. Lady could not thank me enough, and said when she finds another house she would call Dale Duffy, just kidding she’ll call me.:smiley:

I am all for good deeds but I could use the fee.:slight_smile:

You probably just earned her for the next inspection and all of her referrals. NO good deed goes unpunished.

Kelly, you wimp! :p:p

Hey you bastar:twisted: …that was a women I told to call you…!!!..](*,)

As a matter a fact, as soon as 50’s came out of her mouth I rattled off your phone number as quick as I could and told her I was on the roof of a skyscraper and couldn’t hear well from all the wind.

Glad you helped her out…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian, you did the right thing…

Brian, I tried to tell you a while back, if you wear Danglers instead of Wranglers you won’t get any cancellations. But no one listens to me.:roll:

Funny story. No, maybe a not-so-funny story. I referred a woman who was out of my area to another inspector who happens to be a Brit. Saw him at a CREIA conference months later, at which time he cursed me out (grinning from ear to ear), while he told me and a large group of assembled good-old-boy inspectors that the woman I’d referred was blankity-blank attorney who sued him. Listen to Brian Kelly and ask as many weird questions as you can think of before booking an inspection. PS If you feel like asking for the square foot size also ask for the listing or sale’s price.

well, either
“what goes round comes round”
“no good deed goes unpunished”