Tall people

As a short inspector I don’t have to cut rafters to be able to move around in my attic. Only tall people have to do that. This guy cut 12 of them for a grand total of a 24’ span.

Disposable societies require more storage, and have you checked the rates at the mini-warehouse places lately?

Logical, thrifty consumer: Sees 2x4 at the bigbox for $3-4, thinks replacements are a couple months storage fees, no drive back and forth to storage, gas saved, priceless possessions within everyday reach. This was a no-brainer, in his mind.

Besides, his work looks very neat!

I usually do not write it up until the cut 13 Gary, DEAL KILLER. :mrgreen:

I’ll give a perfect 10 for the consistency of the cuts (he used a chalk line)

Looks like he didn’t cut rafters, but rather truss webs.

I Like It!! I’d Really Like To See How He Fixes It When The Roof Starts Sagging! ](*,)

Hey, you have to give the guy credit, he added 2" x 6" Chords to your right, which obviously are not factory members, and then cut the factory web chords.

See, he new what he was doing. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

He will juist blame Gary. :roll:

Let’s see, if I cut these here…then add something here…

Git er done!

I’ve seen some pretty scary stuff in attics. This ranks with the worst.