Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Dunedin, FL on May 10, 2012.


May 10th?..talk about short notice!

I’m unable to get a snailmail (USPS) invitation out in time.

Russell, will you be attending this event?

Most inspectors do not register early for event anyway. They want to know how busy they are going to be “that week” before making the commitment.

After organizing several events, I can personally tell you it makes it extremely difficult. You have to make commitments for room, food and other vendors but do not know who will be attending.

I would suggest that anyone planning an event, do it early, get Nick and the Nachi staff involved. They help advertise and grow the event.

I would have attended the event. nut a 5 days notice is not within my schedule limits. We are booked about 10 days out right now.

I love going to these meetings the people you meet and the stuff you learn is priceless.

I’m with Russell. Would have liked to go but booked out 5 hrs in advance.


Russ, how do you get booked 10 days out, we are only book for the current day?!