Tankless hot water heater (posted by Joelle)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Joelle (from Sudbury, ON). [/ASKNACHI]Looking for information on tankless hot water heater systems. Efficiency, cost/savings…

Sudbury, ON

Tankless Water Heaters - The Good and the Bad](http://www.chilipepperapp.com/tankless.htm)


Hope this helps http://www.nyletherm.com/whitepaper2.pdf direct from a fairly large WH manufacture here in Texas.
Appears they are pretty honest about their own products, they make both.
All of the plumbers and their kids I know still own tank models, why?


Tankless water heaters have advantages. They are
compact and are easy to drain; consequently, they
could be ideal for applications where space is a
premium or in small vacation homes. In addition,
they could serve quite effectively in point of use
applications. However, their use as the central
source of hot water in a residence should be carefully
considered. While tankless water heaters offer
some modest energy cost savings over storage
water heaters, those minimal gains are at the
expense of higher initial costs, higher installation
costs, higher maintenance costs and the potential
need for lifestyle changes to accommodate the limited
flow rate output of tankless water heaters. In
addition, with the coming increase in Energy
Factor required by NECA II, the Energy Factor differences
between tankless and storage water
heaters will become even smaller.
If a customer regularly runs out of hot water
from his storage water heater, the most cost-effective
solution is the purchase of a larger, correctly
sized, high-efficiency storage water heater. For
those who want enhanced energy efficiency, the
most cost-effective solution is the purchase of a

correctly sized, high-efficiency storage water heater.