Tankless water heater concern

How would it lead to unpredictable performance in the vent system? Will there be negative pressure in the garage? OK I have work to do. It is a bad set up I will agree just wondering what could go wrong and why.

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The small slit for venting to unrestricted atmosphere of the outdoor unit was neither designed nor tested to accomodate a vent pipe connected to it with bunch of tape. The vent creates backpressure that the unit may not be able to overcome and start performing not as designed. Is this not enough to be of concern? did you test it per accepted standards to ensure the way it is installed will not cause issues long-term? What will happen when that tape starts to peel and goes unnoticed by new homeowner? with 20 years of experience you cannot come up with why it may underperform as installed and cause issues, other than it’s not installed per specs? Well then you’re one more proof that 20 years of experience means little. Quite unfortunate. There is a reason why I did not go into details as to why and how it can underperform. That, too, eludes you. Crying about the likes of Roy, who is no longer willing to help those that don’t help themselves won’t advance your knowledge, YEP!. The help on these boards is offered for free by people who took the time to educate themselves. Nobody is obligated to you in any way or shape. Pick your battles wisely :slight_smile:


Outside of the teen squabbling back and forth this is a good post and thread. Thank you Jason for posting this mistake for the rest to learn from and remind us to document and make note of anything that isn’t normal.

I enjoy reading through many of these posts and it really is nice that most are willing to add meaningful content and insight.

I hope i am replying on the right post. Licensed Florida inspector and homeowner that just replaced a tanked gas waterheater in my garage vented through the ceiling. When i replaced it i decided to go with the outdoor model for multiple reasons 1.cooler garage. 2. i didnt want to redo the venting and the manufacturer made alot of claims that if unproperly vented they would not guarantee output warranty etc. That said, the outdoor unit i have has a thin horiontal opening on the front of the unit for venting. Whereas the interior units vent at the top to be connected to a vent stack. Based on the above photo it appears this is an outdoor unit installed inside and the vent system is “rigged”. You certainly should not airtight ductwork on a gas 30k+ btu heater using vent tape. Check out thehome depot website or just do some googling and look at a few indoor and outdoor units and you will see what i am referring to.

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You don’t need to check permits to know that that is an improper and unsafe installation. That unit is intended for installation on the exterior of the building. You’re lucky no one was CO poisoned or a house fire as a result of that installation.

DIY installation or unpermitted installation in itself is not a home inspection defect. It’s the improper installation that you need to be able to recognize and articulate. If it doesn’t look right and you don’t know why, read the installation manual.

I agree with your client regarding responsibility, just not for the reason they stated.

It’s a listed device with specific installation standards that must be followed for the device to function as intended and be safe to operate.

A few things to consider: The tape is not rated for that use, nor those temperatures. The galvanized vent is not intended for use on those types of devices and will rust through with exposure to the acidic compounds in the exhaust gasses of a condensing appliance.

If you think it’s safe feel free to forward the installation photo to the manufacturer and ask their opinion. I’ll gladly put a $100 wager that they’ll come back to you and say its a CO hazard. I’m sure that they will be excited to see it.

Go for it.

Correct. However the burner in this unit is most likely 199,000 BTU.

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I never said it was safe. Please refrain from projecting that I think it is safe. I thought I made it clear it was not correct. I was merely asking the how and whys of it all. Do you not want to understand the hows and whys or the dynamics of how things work? This is how we learn…

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So you want to argue what others say but not be held to your own position. I think your contribution here is a net-zero. If you wanted to learn, you would have simply asked questions. Be honest.

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This is why I rarely come to these type of forums is because of people like you!!!

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LOL! Talk about projecting!

You need to seek out your safe space where you can talk shit and not have to worry about being responded to in kind. It’s not here.


We are all responsible for what we, ourselves, say and do.

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Go back and read what I posted in the past. I did not attack anyone on here until the sh__ hit the fan here!! Some of you dont like it that I said up and dont knuckle under. All I am seeing here is pride and who has the biggest d___

I point out the falsehoods of projection and it was just like arguing with a left wing nut liberal that I have argued with for many years in political forums!!! I see the same crap here and it is a shame!!! We should come together with open mind and share what we know and dont know!!

This is very unprofessional!! I was only using and open mind and trying to ask question as to the hows and whys and I guess that rocked the boat. EXCUSE ME!!!

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It is sad that you have your own group and are not very welcoming to newcomers!!! Shame on You!!!

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Au contraire! I am a newcomer and found everyone to be extremely helpful. Fwiw


It is worth a lot to us regulars…

Thank you and welcome to the forum. Jump right in and enjoy, Kirk! :smile:

Larry why don’t you just shut up and go home. We don’t want or need you here.

Roy, I have tried to stay away but took a peek and see you have bad mouth mouth several people on here! Here is one example from you >>> “Larry why don’t you just shut up and go home. We don’t want or need you here.”

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