Tankless water heater electrical combo

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BTW, eco 18 is 75amps @ 240V, so it can work off of 200amp much better than eco 36.

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Oh yeah those things consume!

Here’s the breakers, looks like they are doubles, so 80 amps total

That’s 2x double-pole 40amp breakers, that’s not 4x So that would be Eco 18 model 75amps @ 240V.

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Yep beat me to it.

And the liquidtite has pulled from its connector.

But seriously, having that water heater shoved next to the panel. Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

Me? I’d see if the eco unit has some clearance requirements. I can’t remember. The electric panel itself does not appear to meet work clearance requirements, at least from the pics. It was probably a remove and replace situation. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the proximity of either the heater or panel. The heater has 80amps going into it. I just wouldn’t work on the heater with the dead front off the panel. It’s not an ideal setup but sometimes there aren’t a lot of options.

Thank you for the response!

47 issues…


Improper clearance for the electrical panel and the electrical connection at the bottom is not a water tight connection. I noted the other items also.

Why would you expect a watertight connection at the bottom of the panel?

is there any water supply close to the connection…like above it.

Is the water going to leak up?

The tank is above the electrical connection at the bottom of the unit…Gravity…its the law!

If the tank is above the electrical compartment the connector will not do anything to keep the water out. The seal is outside the enclosure. Like you said gravity works.