Tap Inspect raising pay as you go reports tomorrow 7/15

I only use the HIP desktop. Purchased a few years ago. Still have my R2R desktop as well.


Understood. And that works fine or some folks. For me, I wanted to be able to get the bulk of the report done on-site. Mobile was a must for me when I shopped around. I get about 75% done on-site and finish up at home on desktop.


You are comparing apples and oranges. You compare a monthly rate vs a yearly rate. If you compare the HIP $89 monthly rate and the Spectora $99 monthly rate, Spectora costs $120 a year more.

The vast majority of HIP users buy their software outright, usually on sale. There are no further monthly fees unless you choose to use mobile (which many do and many do not) and if you choose to use their Office software (many do but more do not).

If you want to do a real comparison, put down the Spectora fee for a five year period at 200 inspections per year.

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I am comparing equal offerings. Spectora gives you their product for $999/yr if you pay annually. I could not find an annual price for HIP’s equal offering (software, mobile, office) on their website.

That’s great and everybody should definitely do what is right for themselves. But this option is not suitable for comparison to Spectora because Spectora does not offer a stand-alone offline software. So using this offering to compare is actually apples to oranges.

Again, the only comparison you can make between Spectora and HIP is using HIP’s comparable offering ($89/mo). Neither comparable offerings are dependent on the number of inspections done. So over 5 years you would save $345 using Spectora.

Let try it this way.
Cost for 5 years of Spectora is $4995.00. ($999 per year)
Cost for 5 years of HIP is $3650.00. ($799 purchase for desktop and mobile, less $149.00 nachi, ashi, or creia discount or holiday sale, $3000 Office and Mobile)

That means for 5 years, you spend $1345 less for HIP than Spectora, and with HIP you own the software. And the gap grows larger each year by an additional $399.

Actually that’s not entirely true as Spectora charges a per inspection fee for some of their services and we don’t. The $89 includes everything. We also grandfather people into their pricing. We have people who have been paying for the HIP Cloud service at $20 for 17 years now for example. We also run a sale every Christmas where they can get a few hundred dollars off by paying for the year up front.

Most inspectors though pay the $649 up front as an InterNACHI member and then $50/mo which means they’re saving even more after the first year as Stephen mentioned. If they’re using ISN they’re only paying $29/mo which saves even more (lots of Spectora uses still pay for ISN as well at full price).

Spectora is still good software though, I’m just clarifying the pricing. Ours is definitely too confusing on our site and is being simplified right now.


I have 7 full time inspectors all using Spectacular, I can assure you Aaron does not have an uphill battle.
And trust me you don’t own your software unless you are the CEO of the software company…just saying.
You guys would step over a dollar to pick up a quarter.

Let me help you out here Aaron:

Spectacular has a Bulk Reports plan that will remain $125 for 25 reports:
Report credits do not expire…


I agree Dominic, there are too many different options, and add-ons to select from. For the new inspector, it may drive them away as being too confusing. For my price comparisons I was using the advertised rate on the website, not sale prices. I also didn’t see anything that said a person is grandfathered in at the price they start at. Maybe it’s there and I missed it.

You are referring to Spectora Advanced, which is a whole different animal than typical inspection software and is aimed at large multi-inspector firms.

Among other things, it offers the ability to auto-contact 3rd party contractors based on inspection needs, handles payroll, auto-assignment of inspections to certain inspectors based on requirements, and gives advanced business metrics. It is more of an office management tool than an inspection software.

Does HIP come with these same features built-in?

You have to meet 4 requirements to be comparable to Spectora. You are comparing oranges to apples otherwise.

  1. Desktop Access
  2. Mobile App
  3. Office Functions (scheduling, auto-emails, payments, cloud storage, etc.)
  4. Updates Included (new software and app versions, bug fixes, additional tools, increased functionality, etc.) For instance, Spectora is in beta testing stage now for a new version of the mobile app. Once it is completed, it will be rolled out to all users at no cost.

What is the best price a regular new user, not including the once a year sale where the person must purchase at a specific time, can get all of these 4 features?

When I go on the HIP website, it appears to be $89/mo. and I don’t see an annual payment method or any discount available for this specific package.

I love how this started as an FYI for Tap Inspect users, but quickly went to a HIP vs Spectora comparison conversation. :joy: :joy:


My bad. I think I steered it there when I made the comment about how expensive Tap Inspect would be and then made it worse by defending Spectora’s cost. This one’s on me!

That’s the pricing that Stephen gave you. For InterNACHI Members $649 up front and $50/mo.

Many of them yes, and the rest are being added. HIP Office is our office management tool, it’s not inspection software. We even have a few non Home Inspector Pro users using it now.

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Yeah, this is the problem with being around so long. We’re going on 18 years in business shortly. Users in 22 countries, and 12 languages. Originally all that existed was the desktop software, mobile added a few years after that and office was added 3 years ago. So we have people that still want desktop only, or still want to purchase it all up front. Since some of these are companies with 50 to 100 inspectors it’s hard to remove those features and make them all stick with a monthly flat rate only. I’d love to switch to that simplicity but I think some guys would revolt. Instead we’re just rearranging things to make it clearer and move things up front.

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I’m a user of Spectacular… Solid product, no BS or crashes, infinitely customizable and Aaron has not let me down in years. Home Inspection Software | Spectacular Inspection System | Software App for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows & Mac I’m not given or offered anything from them, nor would I ask.

I tend to think products like Aaron’s (and Doms) are solid offerings that inspectors should take a strong look at. I’ve noticed a number of inspectors in SoCal that used other/older products are using Spectacular, I don’t know and haven’t asked but would imagine they have gained a number of users over the years :wink:

Dom, thanks for coming on and clearing up the pricing. Does the one time $649 include future upgrades to new versions of both the desktop and mobile app?