Taped Ceiling

Just checking, but doesn’t a ceiling between the upper and lower levels of a commercial building need to be drywalled and taped, and anything going through the drywall needs to be sealed with a fire caulk? They had it hidden under a hung ceiling. I just returned from a new 6,000 sq. ft. office building. This city uses 2005 building codes but only code books I own are for older electrical and plumbing. I guess I need to forck out several hundred dollars to buy a complete set. Help!

we use the 2004 Florida Building Code down here but check this link out. It may help you because the flroida building code is basically the ICC with some Florida changes, Like ADA and High wind zones.

And Yes I believe it does have to be taped and caulked or if the penetrations are big enough they may have to have fire collars