TAREI Invites InterNACHI Infrared Class To Convention

The Texas Assoc. of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI) has invited me to teach a 1 day IR class at their winter convention on Jan 30-31, 2009, in San Antonio TX. (more info to follow).

Our InterNACHI’s infrared certification class has also been invited to teach our 2 day course, on a bi-monthly basis, at a well known HI school in Ontario, Canada… starting Jan 10-11, 2009 (see our web site for more info)

I will be speaking at the upcoming Inspector Success Seminar in Dallas TX, in Jan, 2009 (more info coming).

Thanks to Nick, and crew, for their faithful support. I hope to see some of you guys at these up coming HI events.



See you there, John. I’ll be speaking as well.

I am teaching all day on the 2nd day. How about you?

Hi John,

Congrats on being a TAREI instructor. If you need help with anything, give me a shout. I don’t think we’re too far apart.


Are you going to be at the TAREI conference in San Antonio?

Probably not, I usually attend the session in Sugar Land. I think it’s the next one in the rotation.

TAREI has our IR instructor and our attorney speaking. Perhaps you guys can float the idea of TAREI becoming an InterNACHI Chapter.


Problem is . . . TAREI wants iNACHI to be a TAREI Chapter.


I know. Dream on.

Nevertheless . . . that’s the prevailing mindset down there.

Hey John, how about some input on this thread. I’m surprised you haven’t commented yet.