TAREI letter about Texas HB3250

As you know, we train HI’s also. ITA has a 2 day cram course for the test. Its supposed to be good.

In the past 6 years I’ve had 5 guys come up from Texas to KC and sit through our 1/2 day class on Code Check & 1/2 day class on Test Prep - go back home and pass.

Twice in the past 3 years we’ve held a 1/2 day Test study session in conjunction with the local NAHI Chapters Annual Seminar here in KC. We’ve had 48-65 people at each study session from 8 states.

They’ve used the study session to take the NAHI CRI exam, the NHIE, and state licensing or association exams in Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois and recently in West Virginia. In checking with these guys afterwards I’ve only heard 4 say they failed the test the 1st time out. Two of those had no experience at all other than the class.

Point to this is - it can’t be the test. Its gotta be the quality of your schools (or lack of) or the students are just plain potato chips. OR you could be allowing online or correspondence which is great for CE but IMHO is crap for entry level training to our PROFESSION.

Probably 80% of the students taking our 8 or 12 day class immediately go take the NHIE or the NAHI CRI for credentials. Quite a few take both. Many of our students say the NAHI CRI is more valid for what we do.

As you know both are pychometrically vaid.