Target marketing with InterNACHI's new, free Pet Friendly inspector logo for members

Target marketing with InterNACHI’s new, free Pet Friendly inspector logo for members.

Is there a Not Pet Friendly one?

I love it .
Thanks Ben.

Where’s the I’ll spray your dog if he tries to bite me logo :slight_smile:

Uh…duh post above you.

What’s next?

A Gimmick Friendly Logo? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be useful for Boulder, Colorado inspectors. You can’t even walk down the isle at Home Depot because of all the loose dogs running around.

I have them put the animal away until I finish my inspection.
Defined Pet Friendly?

nmj to petsit, wrangle or love their pets

nmj to petsit, wrangle or love theirs

unless you’re looking for a better than avg. payday w/pain & suffering

Wow, I guess I should request a new logo so the guys have something to do. :roll: :shock: :wink:

Most of our ideas aren’t staff’s, they are requests from members. Running InterNACHI doesn’t require thinking… it requires listening.

Nick, what does “Pet Friendly” even mean?

Is this serious?

I hope it is a joke.

So does this include pet spiders ?

I’m guessing that there is some vendor somewhere who wants to buy the name and contact information for the family pet to pass on to telemarketers from “Pet Smart” and “Iams”.

Only the best home inspectors will be allowed to participate in this particular lead harvesting scam … and other “morons” (aka “inspectors who reject him”) will be left out.

Every smart home inspector knows that millions of dogs have been neutered … only to have their testicles grow back. This service will constantly monitor the dog’s crotch and immediately alert the owner when a new testicle has developed. Inspectors who want to be successful will recognize the potential for riches and only the stupid inspectors will decide not to participate.

This lead harvesting gimmick is called “Reballchek”.

The most successful multi-inspector businesses in America are already doing this and adding billions of dollars to their inspection fees … with 800,000 pet related transactions per year involving more than 3,600 breeds. If you want to be successful like them, you will buy into this.

Critics are making “personal attacks” against the vendor … claiming that such a product is worthless and of little benefit, but they are mentally defective morons who fail in business. This is all about making money and as long as there is a fool out there who might believe it to be useful … it is a legitimate service.

In order to enroll the family pet into this program, the name of the pet, the name of the owner and contact information for both will be entered into the Reballchek data base where it will be passed on to “Pet Smart” and “Iams”. Home inspectors will be compensated for the pet’s personal information in products and services and … should their referred pet make a purchase from “Pet Smart” or “Iams”, the inspector will be compensated in cash. No need to tell the dog, though. He wouldn’t understand, anyway.

Each pet will be able to opt out of the program after he has been contacted. It is legitimate in 46 states, so no need to worry, and … yes … Nick Gromicko will be soon wearing the bright green dog collar bearing the “Reballchek” logo in exchange for every NACHI member receiving a free pooper-scooper with his first five Reballcheks.

This sounds like a great marketing opportunity but first I need to know the names of the 4 States where this great pet friendly service is Not legitimate?