Tarion, Ontario New Home Warranty Program.

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Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) has heard from many owners of
newly built homes in Ontario that they are dissatisfied with the
services of the Tarion Warranty Corporation (previously known as the
Ontario New Home Warranty Program). Tarion is a mandatory program in
Ontario, and all purchasers of newly built homes must pay a fee for
Tarion coverage.

Minister Phillips’ duties include ensuring that there are laws in place
to protect Ontario’s new home buyers. Minister Phillips advised CPBH in
a letter dated Jan. 22, 2007, that he is considering having the mandate
of the Ombudsman of Ontario extended to include Tarion. Currently,
Tarion is an independent, self-governing, arm’s-length organization from
the Ontario government.

Tarion’s Dec. 2005 annual report advises: “Tarion’s mandate is unique
in Canada. No other province or territory so completely transfers
responsibility and liability for management of the home building
industry to an independent organization” (inside front cover).

Many homeowners have advised CPBH that the option of appealing Tarion’s
decisions to the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) is not an option that
they are/were interested in pursuing – for a number of reasons. These
reasons include: the relatively low success rates of those who have
taken their cases to the LAT, and the need to retain the services of a
lawyer (with no guarantee of success), given that the builder and Tarion
are usually represented by a lawyer at the LAT.

The Ombudsman of Ontario has recently had a significant impact by
investigating and reporting issues related to MPAC and the Ontario
Lottery Corporation. Changes are now underway in both of these

If you agree that the laws should be changed so that Tarion falls within
the mandate of the Ombudsman of Ontario, this is the time to let your
express your views by writing to Minister Phillips — and copying CPBH
as well as the Ombudsman of Ontario – NOW. The contact information is

Also - please forward this e-mail to:

  • anyone who has been dissatisfied with the services of Tarion/the
    Ontario New Home Warranty Program,
  • anyone who is considering purchasing a newly built home in Ontario
    in the future,
  • anyone who has views about this matter, regardless of whether they
    have personally purchased a newly built home, or plan to in the

and encourage them to consider voicing their views to the Minister -
NOW. All Ontario tax payers and voters need to make themselves heard on
this – NOW – if you/they wish to see this change. The purchase of a
home is the largest purchase most consumers make.

Thanks very much!

Best regards,
Karen Somerville

Contact information:

By e-mail:
Minister Gerry Phillips: gphillips.mpp@liberal.ola.org
Canadians for Properly Built Homes: info@canadiansforproperlybuilthomes.com
Ombudsman Ontario: info@ombudsman.on.ca

By Canada Post:

Minister Gerry Phillips
Ministry of Government Services
99 Wellesley Street West
Room 4320, Whitney Block
Toronto, ON, M7A 1W3

Canadians for Properly Built Homes
PO Box 11032, Stn. H, 3659 Richmond Rd.
Ottawa, ON, K2H 7T8

Ombudsman Ontario
Bell Trinity Square, 483 Bay Street
10th Floor, South Tower
Toronto, ON M5G 2C9

Karen Somerville
Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH)

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