Task management program

At my company we have been searching for the best task management software. For example, the office gets a question about an inspection, and she wants to ask EVERYONE the questions.

What is the bestrode am to use to post the tasks, and then everyone look at them online and then the appropriate person respond.

So I can see all the tasks, when they were submitted and who accomplished them and when…

Anyone using a software like this?


Sounds like something you can customize using google docs.

Razorsync maybe? http://www.razorsync.com/

They also have mobile app

Or a business specific message board maybe like Clearvale


They also have mobile app

Think Razorsync may be what you are looking for. Free trial, can’t hurt. Been looking at it myself but haven’t had the free time to put a free trial through it’s proper paces. Let me know if you use it, how it is.

check evernote premium …45.00 year.
you can send handwritten note, dictate, photo, file etc

There is a “customer inquiry” feature in ISN, if you already use ISN. I’ve never used it, but it looks like notes can be added by different users, and can be seen by everyone.