Tax Exemption

Tax is one of my weak spots here, should the purchase of an IR camera be tax exempt? Ohio is the state. Thanks

No. Not if you are the end user. You are buying it in-state?

I try to buy big ticket items out of State to defer paying the tax until I file my tax return. :wink:


A transaction is only except from sales tax if you buy something with intent to re-sell as new, and you have a re-sale license.

But because you intend to use the thermal camera, you are the end user and thus the payer of the tax.

Thanks for the reply, the camera is coming from New Hampshire. I am also the end user.

Then you’ll probably owe sales tax to the State of Ohio. If you voluntarily choose to pay it.

My suggestion is two fold: 1. pay the tax because you owe it, 2. you post this on a public forum.

Thanks Peter for the heads up, I made the purchase and paid the tax on it