Tax Rebates!!



If you want real stimulus, make the Bush tax cuts permanent and reduce capital gains taxes and reduce government spending.

Then you will see real investment and growth in our economy along with increased tax receipts.

This feels good gimmick is only designed to let the pols say “see, look what we did for you”

It’s an election year folks.

$600!! Yea, I can pay my May gasoline bill now!

Someone tell me what good is there in increasing the nations debt to give money to the taxpayers?

Reduce the spending to “pay” for this and I may buy in. Until then it’s only a gimmick.

We just get to pay for it later with interest. Does that make sense?

Cut spending! Then they won’t have to raise my taxes in 2010 to make up for this ‘bribe’. Build more refineries, so I can afford gas without the ‘bribe’. Stop turning away refined gasoline tankers, because they don’t have paperwork the foreign refinery meets domestic EPA laws. Stop Nancy Pelosis from spending almost $20k/year in flowers. Stop paying this part-time Congress with full-time wages.


Please stop it Thomas! You’re giving me a headache.

You are making far too much sense for the average American to get it.

I’m not sure the thing is fixable from the top down, it is time to think about putting yourself first, here is a link that might help get you started.


Leave “Face Lift, Boob Job, Tummy Tuck Pelosi” alone. She’s a classic California dimwit politician. In California we don’t expect our elected politicians to actually run the government, just look good while they bury us!

I agree with you Michael :slight_smile:

However, like most americans we just see what is right in front of us $$$$$$


No rebate for most of us HI’s…

Upper limit is $75K for single filers and an even lower threshold for small business owners. As usual the middle class will be paying for the rebate, not benefiting from it.

And with interest as they didn’t bother to take this golden opportunity to cut spending to “pay for it”

Bush gave away the store again and didn’t get anything for it.:mad: