TBD option

Sometimes an inspection has to be re-scheduled, but the agent/client doesn’t have a specific time yet they want to re-schedule.

Like to day, my tomorrows inspection is getting moved due to utilities not being on. As they do not know what day the utilities will be on, they don’t have a specific day to move it yet.

Right now my only option is to cancel the inspection. And then I can later un-cancel it. But I don’t really want to cancel it, because then it ends up in the bin of actual cancellations. Nor do I want to not be on my list of up coming inspections, because I want to know it will be some time soon and to be able to follow up on it.

Can we add a “To be determined” option to time slots?

Cancel it, uncancel it, then don’t complete it and it will show at the top as incomplete

Hi Ian

Happy New Year
It is best to put your suggestions in the “suggestion” area of ISN not here.
To “un-cancel” is just a click away and all without extra typing.
With that said we are always looking at the suggestions of our users in the ISN users suggestion area.
Thanks for your trust of ISN and our team

Well, Dan, you read it, so I’d say the message reached the top. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ian! Can I make a suggestion? Create an inspector/user in Admin called TBD.

Then instead of cancelling the inspection … reassign it to the TBD Inspector. Just don’t show that inspector on your calendar so it doesn’t goop it up.

And your golden. :slight_smile: Right?

PS… don’t forget to put your Email Events on hold.

Here is how I handle the situation… I do the inspection anyway! If the utilities are not on at the time of the inspection, they get disclaimed. I inform that I will inspect whatever I can of the system, but cannot perform functional testing. I will return at a later date, at an additional fee, if and when they decide to have the systems operational and wish to have me complete the inspection.

I get the part of about assigning it, but wouldn’t that still transfer over the date/time of the original inspection?

Well, if the agent isn’t there to let me in, no inspection can happen.

Inspectors don’t get access to Suprakeys in California.

Change the date to a future one… and then when it is “real” change the inspector

Or… cancel it… then un-cancel :slight_smile:

I suppose I could just edit the date to the year 2040 and it would do the same thing.

Just if it goes to the cancel bin, it’s out of sight, and out of mind. I don’t want that.

Don’t say “California”, maybe not in your area. I have access from my local MLS. You may want to check again. I am required to be an affiliate member and pay a monthly fee to supra. Well worth the coin.

Ian, I had the same thing happen to me last month. I just changed the inspection date out two weeks. Then when I got the real date, I changed it again.