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Advantages/disadvantages: package unit heat pumps vs a heat pump and a air handler
What am I missing? If you can get a package unit, why would a buyer or builder want or install 2 separate pieces of equipment?

It could be location…
Here in Northern Michigan package units aren’t common where in Southern Michigan and further South, they are more common.
With an air handler or gas fired furnace and ductwork, everything is inside except of course the condenser or heat pump.
From my understanding because of cold weather.

Package unit has to be outside, strategically located with a plenum chase to the interior. Also, There is no air recirculation. All air is drawn from the outside and pumped in. Might be hard to balance this in a residential. I am not an HVAC contractor, so I am just throwing darts. I hope someone chimes in.

No, package units have a return side just as you’d expect, with airflow into the unit via ductwork.

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Google is your friend!

The ducts on a package unit is under the house…so if the crawlspace is tight it restricts access and airflow to properly ventilate the crawlspace. When the access is tight the ducts are ran tight to framing and since it’s always humid here…that’s where most of the mold on framing occurs. Ducts sweat with condensation, poorly insulated boots rot the floor out where they connect, animals crawl into the ducts and a whole slew of other problems you don’t see on a split system.

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Here in GA, split system air handlers and ducts are often in the crawl. Terrible design.

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