Tear off method

How about this for a roof tear off! :shock:

I hope they carry good GL…and pay the operator good money.

I once worked with a backhoe operator that could open a pop can with the bucket.

Looks like they set the hydraulic extension arm on the same pitch as the roof then just took it nice and easy. There is no limit to the ingenuity of the human mind and with practice most folks can do amazing things.

Great operator, there.

Saves time, but I also hope that they have good G/L insurance.

Wow, he is good. Waaaay too easy to damage the structure.

Every boy wants a toy like that! Sure keeps the site clean - off and in the dump truck in ine shot.

A lot to be concerned about, but cool.


Very nice. I’ll bet they tore up a lot of roof structures before they got this technique perfectly developed.

One mistake with the gradually inclined pitch and that shovel is going right through the roof structure.