We all get them, I suppose. Break an inspection routing to take a call hoping its a new booking, only to have it be a telemarketer. I’m already on the do not call registry, but must have listed on a business registration where they’re getting my number. Does anyone have a magic trick to get the telemarketers to leave you alone?

Hang up and just put them on the auto reject for your phone. You will never hear them ring again.

If its an out of state area code I just let it go to voicemail at this point

75% of my business is from out of state area codes. Too many active military for me.

I use Mr Number. It works well.

Use ACC (America’s Call Center)

I do not block 'em.
I make it entertainment.
After a few sentences & they believe they have my ear I whisper: “Did you kill uncle Freddy?
Uncle Freddy had new socks on and you killed him.”

They hang up never to be heard from again. :twisted:
I think they take me off their list.

Once you know it is a telemarketer, say " Thank you for calling technical support how may I help you"

Try the simple things first, and free too! Although the uncle Freddy trick would be entertaining for me. I too get a lot of out of area referrals, so I really try not to let them go to voicemail if I can help it.
Thanks for the ideas guys.